10 best computer monitors

With regards to your PC set up its an obvious fact that the PC is the most significant part yet having the correct screen can have a significant effect between having a decent set up and an ideal one. Particularly with regards to gaming, video, and photograph altering.

In this way, investigate and you’ll discover at any rate one screen on this rundown that meets your requirements.

BenQ ZOWIE 27”: $279, BenQ

1ms GTG response time, great resolution, incredibly low lag, and capable of displaying a high amount of color and brightness. The ZOWIE is the quintessential competitive gaming monitor. BenQ is the master of gaming monitors and this is the best they have got.

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Asus VG245 24”: $188.99, Amazon

This monitor is a little lower on every spec and a little smaller for around a $100 savings, but it still keeps the same response time. A great middle of the road option, and specifically loved by fans of FPSs.

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Acer R240HY 23.8”: $109.99, Amazon

Clocking in at a response time of 4ms, a 60Hz refresh rate, and low on the color range, this monitor is definitely not the best of the best. But if you are a competitive gamer with little to no money, the Acer will provide a decent advantage over gaming on a regular monitor.   

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Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor: $348.09, Walmart

The other gaming monitors on this list have concentrated purely on performance which means they sacrificed some visuals. This Alienware monitor is performance based and doesn’t skip on the cinematics. 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time and it’s great for movies too.

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Philips BDM4065UC 40”: $1890, NewEgg

Big, long, flat, and visually pleasing. With 4K UHD this is the perfect monitor to stream your favorite shows, and with a more than decent 3ms response time it’s a decent gaming monitor, especially RPGs or more cinematic games.

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Samsung 34” Curved Widescreen Monitor: $799.99, Samsung

The quintessential curved screen option for watching videos. Colors come through vividly, especially the brighter ones. It’s especially cool because the curved screen and bright colors will swallow you into whatever it is you’re watching. Immersive is putting it lightly. Unlike curved TVs, with curved monitors you will always be at a desk sitting at the perfect angle to be sucked into the screen, so computer monitors maybe the best way to take advantage of curved screen tech.

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AOC Agon Curved Gaming Screen: $780, Amazon

This is a curved screen better suited for gaming. It is a wonderous thing to game with a curved TV as the immersion, especially at the angle when sitting at a desk, is incredible. Because it’s suited to gaming, expect a great response time and an affinity for dark colors.

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BenQ Monitor for Photography: $599, BenQ

This is the perfect screen for the photographer within. The visual fidelity on a still frame-to-frame basis is superb. As the name implies, this is directly made for photo-editing. It doubles as a decent video editor, but it lacks some of the motion technology a true video editor would have.

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ViewSonic VP2468 Professional 24 inch: $228, Amazon

A more frugal option for the photo editor, this monitor is not as top quality as the other option on the list, but it will save you a pretty penny, and it gets the job done. However, it won’t be a reliable option for video-editing for most professionals.

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Dell UltraSharp: $3899.99, Dell

This monitor is for the professional. If you make a living on your computer, or you just love editing, there is no better option. The visuals, still frame and motion, are impeccable. It does a range of colors excellently from dark to bright, and the resolution is stunning.

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